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Pure Potential Podcast: Creating from a Place of Aliveness

Episode Synopsis: Discover how easy it is to create from a place of effortlessness by focusing on something that causes you to feel alive, and then allowing that aliveness to inspire you from there.

Pure Potential is a weekly personal development show designed to help you find the path of least resistance to becoming your fullest self. To do this we’ll be focusing on three of the most liberating principles of the Law of Attraction:

1. Life is supposed to be fun.
2. You can be, do or have anything!
3. There’s nothing that you need to do, all you’ve gotta do is stop doing that thing you do that gets in the way.

Episode Highlights

0:44 Imagine being in an environment where you’re supposed to be prepared, but instead of preparing from a logical place of trying to map out all the possibilities, you decided your number one priority was simply to have fun? And you let having fun cause you to lead from a place of flow, that allowed everything you were wanting to share to come through.

2:04 How that happened at the in-person Pure Potential Meetup.

2:31 Accessing that feeling / flow and then allowing whatever comes forth from that feeling place to be your guiding light.

3:08 Creating purely from a place of aliveness.

4:16 Smiling so much it hurts.

5:18 Instead of preparing, open yourself up to the possibility that it can be effortlessly awesome.

6:06 Being in a different headspace. Allowing something outside your normal reach to lead you.

6:48 Feeling like a kid again.

7:26 Instead of leading the meeting with words, I allowed myself to flowed meditative tones.

7:51 Just be that you that gets connected.

8:23 Old ego-related thoughts.

8:57 Some thoughts are just old momentum. Thinking them is the equivalent to throwing a bouncing ball down the hall and listening to it bounce up and down for a while. Trying to stop the thought takes you to the place the thought is leading you. While letting the thought go allows you to go someplace different.

9:26 Allowing the bouncing ball of momentum to time out.

9:58 Creating a space for something new.

10:13 Being free to specialize.

10:38 Thriving in an all new way.

11:27 Sometimes what you create in the absence of practicing your old habit provides others a new space too. (Making my inspired didgeridoo sounds.)

12:21 Following your own journey can enhance other people’s journey.

12:56 Discovering a different way of understanding the value you provide.

13:32 How practicing something the night before can carry into the next morning.

14:01 An inspiring story about appreciating what we have.

14:55 How appreciation can lead us directly to our desires.

15:40 When who you are when you’re marketing, is different than who you are when you’re actually doing the work, there’s a noticeable incongruency.

16:13 Takeaways from this experience. How cool would it be if you could align with everything you’re wanting and be surprised by how much you have along the way?

16:51 Open yourself up to new possibilities. What if you could say “This is how I want to feel when doing that. So I’m just going in with the expectation of feeling that way and let everything else come to me.”

17:16 When you focus on achieving the feeling first, that’s the equivalent to saving up ahead of time so you have all the spending money you’ll need on a vacation.

17:58 Get yourself in the emotional place you want to be in, before you go to the event that you’re hoping will give you that emotion. (Similar to how you can feel pumped up the day that you’re heading to a concert you’re really looking forward to, long before you’re actually there and hearing the music.)

18:27 It’s so much easier to let inspired things flow from you when you have the expectation that those inspiring things are going to be drawn from you.

18:40 To create from a place of aliveness simply focus on something that causes you to feel alive and then see what flows from there.

Next week’s Pure Potential Preview: “What Do You Want to Shine Today?”

18:54 If you look back on all the major moments of your life, you will notice that through both good moments and bad, some part of you shined through.

19:40 Sometimes what you shine gets lost in the idea of “What went wrong?”

20:15 We attract those contrasting moments to bring us back into balance.

20:30 Seeing the power in those contrasting moments. And asking yourself, “How do I want to shine today?”

21:00 When you start asking yourself these questions, you’ll start seeing how the stuff that is frustrating you and seems like it’s getting in your way, is actually coming up because there’s something there that’s so important that it’s worth going out of your way.

21:55 We are attracting cooperative components even when we’re not trying to.

22:10 We can begin working with those cooperative components and discover our answer to “I want to be more of that!”

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