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Introducing Ingredient-Driven Manifestation

A popular analogy with the Law of Attraction is that it’s as simple as ordering out for food. If you know what you want, and where to order it from, and you have the money for it, it’s as simple as picking up the phone and letting your desires be known.

The thing is, we don’t always know exactly what we want. We don’t always know where to get it from. And we don’t always feel like we have the money to pay someone else to deliver it to us. Yet, Law of Attraction teaches us that we can still have what we want, even in those circumstances, so long as we can let go of figuring out how to get it, and instead focus on how it would feel to experience it. Because when we let all those things we’re not yet sure about fade away, we let go of the things getting in the way of our desires, and allow a pure connection to form between us and what we want.

That is the goal of Ingredient-Driven Manifestation. If classical manifestation is as simple as ordering food for delivery, Ingredient-Driven Manifestation is as simple as keeping a well stocked kitchen. Only this time, instead of Source showing up in the form of a restaurant that delivers; it shows up as master chef, capable of making anything you want out of the ingredients you’ve stocked in your kitchen.

You acquire ingredients by “going general” (i.e. focusing on the essence of your desires, instead of focusing on whether or not you can have the total package). A great way to do this is by focusing on the desirable qualities of things in your life. If you want more love in your life, focus on the loving aspects of things. If you want more freedom, focus on anything that causes you to feel free. If you want more happiness, give as much attention as you can to anything that makes you smile. In doing this you begin vibrating all the ingredients you enjoy, and since you have all the ingredients, the Universe can cook up anything you desire.

If you desire something, and what you get doesn’t live up to that desire, it’s probably because you aren’t allowing a key ingredient. When you’re not vibrating all the ingredients for something you desire, you get mixed results. It’s almost as if the Universe says, “Here’s your favorite dish, unfortunately you were out of this and this and this, so we made it, and it’s still got some great stuff in it, but this is as good as you’re allowing it to be right now.”

So how do we allow it to be better? How do we keep our kitchen stocked with things we love? Well, one way is to stop looking at things in isolation, and start looking for how they’re a cooperative component. When you look at something in isolation, it’s sort of like being in the mood for pizza but asking yourself, “Am I really in the mood for plain pizza sauce? No. Am I really in the mood for plain pizza dough? No. What about raw veggies and some pepperoni? Nope, not really in the mood for that either.” So then you eat a cheese stick instead of a fully manifested pizza because you were focused on all those things in isolation, when what you really wanted was all of them together.

This is a great analogy for life, because a lot of the time all of the ingredients for something we desire are already present in our life, we just don’t see how they fit together. So we say no to all the cooperative components for our desires, because none of them are the total package. Pizza dough is boring without any sauce on it. And sauce is boring without any toppings to sprinkle on. And toppings are a snack, at best. We deserve more than that. We deserve the full manifestation of our desires, not just a snack here and there.

Today I invite you to practice looking for the qualities you want in life, and keeping a well stocked kitchen. You have the ability to see past what something isn’t, and love it for what it is. I don’t know about you, but the next time I launch a new desire, I’d love to hear the Universal say, “Awesome! You already have all the ingredients to that desire. I’ll have it to you in a jiffy!” And that is so achievable. It is so achievable to have a well-stocked kitchen when you let each experience in life be an ingredient to your desires, instead of holding out for things that you think are the total package.

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