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Creating a Clear Channel Between Audience and Creator

Effortless creation. Certain people seem to draw it out of me.

It’s easy to put ideas into words because I’m not afraid of failing in front of them.

The person I have the clearest channel with in the whole wide world is the same person I’ve experienced the most emotional agony with.

The more shit we’ve been through, the less shit I give myself before bringing something new through.

The less I need to filter (because she’s seen it all already), the easier it is flow.

This has me wondering. Does this phenomenon scale?

Can I create the same level of safety I experience in an intimate relationship with an audience where it’s never completely clear who’s reading or what their agenda may be?

It seems to me, that I have a fear of getting close to you.

I don’t want you to know me as deeply as an intimate partner, because I don’t want to give you the chance to confirm that I’m not OK as I am.

I am uncertain about myself, and that makes the uncertainty of your response doubly dangerous.

Maybe I need to do more inner work before I can safely share my world with the world.

Or maybe you and I just need to go through more shit together.

To be continued…

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