Abraham In-Depth #01 – The Wobble-Free Analogy

by Josh Billings on May 9, 2014

Abraham In-Depth is a series of topic-specific audio taken from recent of Abraham-Hicks seminars. I’ll be posting these around the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.

Abraham recently came up with a new analogy (the “wobble”) to describe why we don’t always manifest what we’re intend to. “When you want it, but you doubt it, there’s a wobble going.” And that wobble keeps us from working with our desires, instead splitting our attention between pure thoughts about our desires and all the reasons why it might not come to be.

This series of audio clips from a recent Abraham-Hicks seminar will help you understand where you’re wobbling, and encourage you to think “wobble-free” thoughts that will help you live the life you want instead of trying to take the problem head on which only leads to more wobble.

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If you were to ask most people why they believe what they believe they would cite how they were raised, or mention the major experiences of their life, or simply act is if there was no other way to believe in the first place — “That’s just the way things are.” Very few people would tell you that they believe what they believe because they deliberately choose to believe so. That they curate their beliefs the same way a finely dressed businessman has every suit in his wardrobe carefully tailored to fit him best and reflect the larger desire of who he wants to be.

That is exactly the sort of relationship I’m wanting to help you create with your beliefs right now.

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