Mastering Your Own Expectations

by Josh Billings on August 27, 2014

My girlfriend and I had been fighting — the frustrating kind, that doesn’t really get anywhere in the moment but stokes your desires for change even more — but we had errands to run that had to be done in the next few hours. I knew we had to switch gears from fighting with each other to working together, but I figured if I brought up the errands she would just argue with me more.

I was much more agitated than she was, but ready to get over it if I could just find a way of interacting with her that wouldn’t piss me off even more. So I started running scenarios through my head until I found an approach that allowed me to broach the subject in a way that would break our current pattern and yield the result I was looking for.

Me: “I don’t think we should run any errands until you’re in a good mood.”

Her: “I am in a good mood. I was in a good mood before you even asked that!”

Me: “I never said you were in a bad mood.”

Her: “–Yes you did!”

Me: “I just phrased my question in a way that would cause you to think I thought you were in a bad mood, so that you would start arguing for how good of a mood you’re in.”

Her: “I’m not arguing.”

Me: “And since I knew you were going to argue with whatever I brought up, I might as well get you to argue for something that I want too.”

Her: “So you were trying to manipulate me?”

Me: “I was manipulating my own expectations.”

Her: “Yes. YOU’RE expectations. That’s what’s been causing this all along.”

Me: “And I did a great job of manipulating them!”

Her: “Yes! You did do a great job of that!”

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Letting Go (Poem)

by Josh Billings on August 17, 2014

Let it go
from your mind
Let now be
a simpler time
Let it come
to you with ease
Let it be
a sweet release

In this moment
there’s a soulful
way to truly
get to know you
And it touches
on a feeling
that reflects your
inner being

If you reach out
and you grab it
you must change with it
to have it
For it’s not
a stagnant state
It’s evolving
with each day

Every desire
that you cast
Every wish
you’ve ever had
into a you
That you’re wanting
to turn into

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