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Sound Healing Testimonials

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Open Yourself Up to the Love You Deserve

You deserve to be loved for who you are. Not who you’re planning to be. Not who you need to become first before you’ll believe you are lovable. But who you are right now, in this very moment.

Working with Me

I am here to see past that which might call your imperfections, and see how all of that stuff only makes you more lovable. The more flawed you think you are, the greater the gift you actually are. Because those “flaws” are actually opportunities for people to love you more purely. If everyone was “perfect” we’d all be the same, because we’d all have to agree on a single definition of perfect and then meet it. The reason why we’re so different is because perfection is more than what meets the eye; it is not only that which pleases us in this moment, but that which calls us to become more in the next. And when you can see the aspects of you that maybe you’ve had trouble loving in the past, as parts of you which not only deserve love, but helps carry you to where you want to be, then you can grow your understanding of who you really are.

How I Discovered This Healing Energy

My ability to receive energy began about five years ago when I was inspired to meditate every day for about a month and half. During the meditations I noticed that my arm started moving itself in a circular motion. It felt really good, as if I was tuning into the energy of the meditation and allowing myself to more fully embody it.

Since then it has evolved into sounds as well. Everything from animal noises to chanting to speaking in tongues to excited noises such as “weeeeeee!” I even find myself saying “yes, yes, yes!” when I strike a chord with a particularly powerful vibration.

My movements have also become more advanced. When I’m doing a healing session my body will sometimes contort itself into yoga positions that I don’t even practice regularly. And other times when I’m extremely tuned in, it’s almost as if I’m doing a martial arts style dance with the energy.

All of this was fun, and unique, and I really enjoyed it; I just never new how to share it with others so that it could benefit people beyond me. Then in December of 2015, someone from one of my meetup groups reached out to me and asked for some life coaching. When I went over to meet with her, she very quickly resonated with my movements. I was simply tuning in so I could be more present and insightful, but the next thing I knew I was using my movements to interact with her energy field. Since then we’ve done about 10 more sessions, each evolving into deeper connection. Her psychic abilities become extremely clear when I’m working on her. And even though she is in chronic pain (despite taking heavy pain killers), within a few minutes of working together she finds herself completely pain free.

Each session is different, even multiple sessions with the same people tend to evolve a lot from session to session. However my biggest breakthroughs have come with clients who are already in a good feeling place and are looking to step up to a higher vibration. I find that working with other healers, or people who are just very in-tune with their energy field, allows us to take this energy to high flying places we’ve both never gone before.

Since I’ve started doing healing sessions I find myself more tuned in than ever. I’m now at a point where I’m wanting to share this with more people. I feel as if I’ve kept this gift to myself for far too long, and now I want to let loose and see what good I can do in the world.

Schedule a Free 20 Minute Phone Healing/Consultation