Illuminate Your Worthiness

by Josh Billings on December 7, 2014

I want to look up to you. I want to highlight what you’re doing right. I want to find virtue in everything you think and resonate with the beauty of your desires.

I want to look up to me. I want to highlight what I’m doing right. I want to find virtue in everything I think and resonate with the beauty of my desires.

The eyes with which I see you are the same eyes with which I see myself; and I want to see all of us in a better light. A light that illuminates our worthiness as creators, and excites us to create even more.

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Guiding vs Guarding

by Josh Billings on November 29, 2014

If someone is saying to you, “you are inferior,” or “you’re inappropriate,” or “you’ve done something wrong,” your Inner Being isn’t focused there. So for you to focus there, you have to learn how to focus yourself away from your Inner Being.

Your natural instinct is to love someone. And then your mother or your father or someone says to you, “you shouldn’t play with those children, you shouldn’t be over there,” when your impulse is to be with them. So you, little by little, learn to deny your inspired impulses that are coming from Source as you give up your guidance to someone else who doesn’t have the ability to guide you.

It is not always true that the people who love you are guiding you from a place of disconnection, but it is usually true. They’re usually guarding, not guiding. While your Inner Being never guards, always guides. Your Inner Being is always guiding you toward what you want. While most people in your life are guarding you from what you don’t want.

–Abraham – 10/11/2014 – Boston, MA

Hearing this was a bit of a wake up call for me as I looked back and noticed how many times I was guarding instead of guiding. Just a few days prior I was helping Susanne find a spot to park for Thanksgiving at my Uncle’s, and what sort of “guidance” came out of my mouth?

  • “No, you can’t park there, you’re within ten feet of that fire hydrant.”
  • “You shouldn’t park here, you’re blocking their sidewalk.”
  • “Now you’re within three feet of a driveway.”

I was like a walking citation book of what not to do.

I’m sure my attitude towards not breaking certain laws stems from earlier experiences as a youth (it was probably helpful that I learned to stop driving 85 in a 45 when I was 16 years old), but what are the odds that we’re actually going to have a problem because we were 5 feet away from a fire hydrant instead of 10? Or that parking in front of someone’s sidewalk or near their driveway when they weren’t even home was going to inconvenience them?

It’s natural if you’ve been punished in the past for breaking certain rules that you try to get others to follow them so they won’t suffer the same fate. But by trying to protect people from what I didn’t want for them, I was losing sight of what I did want for them.

Do I want the people I love to not get into any trouble because they follow all the rules? Or would I rather learn to trust that if trouble were to arise they could handle it and learn from the experience in ways that will benefit them?

More importantly, how am I feeling when I’m offering guidance? You know that old adage “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all?” I think that applies first and foremost to when you’re offering guidance to others. If you don’t have any good feeling guidance to offer, then don’t offer any at all. That is a principle I’m going to try to live by. Not only when offering advice to others, but when noticing that I feel guarded when making decisions for myself.

The Difference Between Guarded and Guided

The difference between guarded and guided is the difference between living in fear and manifesting your dreams. If you are always guarded, you’re already living a life of fear. And if you were to always follow your true guidance, you’d already be living a life of discovering new desires and bringing them into being. None of us is always living one way or the other, but we can all practice less guarding against unwanted and more tuning into the guidance that feels good to follow.


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