Letting Go (Poem)

by Josh Billings on August 17, 2014

Let it go
from your mind
Let now be
a simpler time
Let it come
to you with ease
Let it be
a sweet release

In this moment
there’s a soulful
way to truly
get to know you
And it touches
on a feeling
that reflects your
inner being

If you reach out
and you grab it
you must change with it
to have it
For it’s not
a stagnant state
It’s evolving
with each day

Every desire
that you cast
Every wish
you’ve ever had
into a you
That you’re wanting
to turn into

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Today’s Ask Josh comes from a gentleman who had a question about the Law of Attraction group I run.

I was wondering about this group and the Law of Attraction. I think there is a lot of truth to the idea that positive thoughts can help to attract positive things, but I have read some things about the law of attraction that I am not so sure about. Some people say that if you take the law of attraction that very strictly that your actions don’t matter, but of course they do. So a balanced approach to the idea that positive thoughts can help to produce positive things would be great. Another example i read said that if you open an envelope expecting a bill, then a bill is more likely to be there, and if you open an envelope expecting a check, then a check is more likely to be there. In this case my point of view is that whatever is in the envelope wouldn’t be influenced by your expectations. But I am sure that there are many situations in which positive expectations ield positive results. However, I am sure that there are situations where, if you don’t consider that they may be negative outcomes- for example, in investing- then this could be disastrous, since you could invest everything you own in one high risk stock with very positive expectations and lose everything. So I am just trying to see if there is a balanced approach to the law of attraction within this group. Thanks very much for any feedback you can provide.

Your actions do matter, it’s just that they’re not nearly important as your thoughts and beliefs. A good example of this is the 4 minute mile. It was culturally believed to be impossible and no matter how fast anyone ran the 4 minute mark was never broken. Then once one person proved it was possible, the cultural belief shifted and many more people began achieving a feat that had previously eluded mankind for centuries.

Your beliefs are just like that, they are the gatekeepers to what is possible for you. And no amount of action can ever overcome them. The good news is that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. So you can begin reshaping what’s possible for you by introducing yourself to new, empowering ideas that gradually shift your outlook on the world.

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