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Goal-Setting as an Act of Self-Love

Current Goal: Love Josh as he is now. Keep loving until all of me is free. (Nothing can move when it’s stuck. Love is the ultimate unstucker.)

Destination: Fully integrated Josh. Everything is loved and accounted for. (Now that I love all of me, I can choose freely from my full potential.)

The Journey That Led Me Here

  1. First I identified why I don’t set goals:
    a. It (almost) never works! I set a goal, and then it doesn’t happen, but something way better happens instead, so why even try to control my life?
    b, Goal setting turns desires into have-tos. (Somehow challenges work better because the commitment feels exciting instead of obligatory.)
    c. Goal setting focuses me on outcome, which focuses me on control, which takes me out of flow and cripples me with thoughts of right and wrong.
  2. Next I explored what I would be a yes to:
    a. Everything is amendable
    b. Everything is a choice
    c. Goals that serve me instead of enslaving me
    d. Goals that give me permission to say no to stuff I would’ve previously felt obligated to do
    e. Big goals that inspire me in big ways
  3. Then I got specific:
    Goal: Create a world where anyone can make a living just by being themselves.
    Exploration: This requires knowing yourself. If creating that world starts by me creating that reality for myself, then the journey starts with me knowing myself.
    This goal felt somewhat inspiring, but somewhat vague. So I created a Goal Setting Consensus Convention and invited all my parts to sit down for a few hours of journaling and self-discovery. (I’ll deep dive into the convention tomorrow.)

Closing questions:
1) What practices do you use to deepen your relationship with yourself and your goals?
2) What parts of this process did you find inspiring?

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