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3 Simple Truths That Can Free You From a Lifetime of Suffering

1) It’s not your problem unless you can change it.

If you can’t change it, you’re no longer focused on the problem — you’re focused on your resistance to the problem. The more fully you accept what you can’t change, the more fully you can apply yourself to what you can change, increasing your chances of becoming the solution you desire.

2) The only thing that saps your energy is misusing your own energy.

In the absence of friction, you will be in continual flow. Anytime someone or something brings you down, you’re taking external friction and replicating it internally. When you meet friction with curiosity, your energy spikes instead of crashing. But when you meet it with judgment, you define it as a problem, condemning some part of you to suffer until it’s solved.

3) Control is a luxury expense.

Spend it lavishly in areas you love engaging and creating in, and be as thrifty as possible everywhere else. Life is too short to try to control everything that appears important. If you don’t deeply enjoy customizing something to your heart’s content, then your passion lies elsewhere. Once you find your soulmate, you won’t care how shitty the rest of the dating pool is. You will spend your energy enjoying what’s in front of you, instead of trying to change what’s in front of you into something you enjoy.

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