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Inspired Insights #1: Healing Is Not About Receiving Something, It’s About Becoming Something

I did some more inspired movements tonight while on the phone with a freind. Midway through she started asking me questions and then I would allow my inspired movements to show me the answer. Here are some of the interpretations/experiences that came forth.

    Insights on Healing

  1. Healing is not about receiving something, it’s about becoming something. You feel so much more love by flowing love to someone, then from being on the receiving end of someone else’s love.
  2. After my friend stopped me and prompted me to write that down I felt this incredibly soft yet uplifting energy, because in that moment I was recognizing all the things I’d already become. And was an energy that would make it impossible to feel down on myself, like there’s no way I could be downtrodden if I was aware of who I really was.
  3. How to Tell If You’re Accurately Translating Your Guidance

  4. I discovered that when I translate the meaning of something, if I’m wrong I will feel a pinching off in the back of my neck or spine. Therefore I can have full confidence in my interpretation so long as I’m not feeling pinched off.
  5. Moving My Legs with My the Flick of My Wrist

  6. I’d never done this before but tonight I felt the impulse to move my wrist/hand a certain way and then my leg would move in accordance with it, as if my legs were a puppet being pulled by strings attached to my hand. To me the way my legs were moving reminded me of the end of Indian Jones and The Last Crusade, where Jones has to step very deliberately on certain tiles to avoid falling through the booby traps to certain death. And my hand was connected enough to know where my feet should go, so it was leading them there, instead of just having them walk like normal. It was a very fun experience, even if I don’t fully understand the meaning yet.
  7. Reaching Toward the Sky

  8. The first time she asked me to interpret my movements I stood up straight and my mouth opened and I started making a tone with my head pointed directly at the ceiling. And it felt like a total alignment of the chakras. Like my body was in a “sword swallowing” position. And it was as if I couldn’t move my body, because there was some sort of divine intervention causing me to stay still and strike that single pose and tone.
  9. Later I stood up on my tiptoes and I reached toward the ceiling and made a motion with my hand that felt like a servant holding a chalice filled with wine and tipping it ever so slightly so his master could drink from it. I translated that into “It’s like I’m faxing some information to Source and then getting a fax back with their analysis.” But when I shared that I felt an immediate pinching off in the back of my third chakra. Which to me was an indicator that I was minimizing my role in this way too much. So then I offered a new explanation, without trying to be humble, and I saw that I was adding something to Source energy. I was the wine in the cup, not merely the servant passing it on. My love, laced with my own unique signature, is just like an individual bottle of wine laced with it’s own unique flavor and age and all the other factors that make it what it is.
  10. The next movement had me standing up on my tip toes and touching the ceiling with my hand, as if I was looking through the glass of an aquarium. And it was like I was on one side of the tank, and Source was on the other side. And I was looking outside the aquarium to take a peek into the world of Source/Heaven. Just like a fish needs to stay in water and a human can be in water or on land, Source can be everywhere, but me as a human stays here attached to the physical world (the aquarium).
  11. Writing On the Ceiling

  12. When she asked me what her role in all this was, I spontaneously started writing messages on the ceiling with my finger. I wrote “xoxoxo” and interpreted that as meaning hugs and kisses, which were represented of a love that humans share with each other. And since we had such a natural bond and kinship, that it made it so easy for new insights and understanding to come forth. I kept writing “xoxoxo” everywhere on the ceiling as I made that interpretation.
  13. Later as she was talking about taking a break from getting new clients and working on other things instead I wrote “1 > 1” on the ceiling. Which had this instant meaning of instead of going for more, go for the “1s” that mean more. So instead of trying to do more, be open to receive more. Which is what she had indeed manifested since she took December off from marketing and yet has already managed to meet her goal for January only 5 days into month!
  14. The next thing that I wrote was an arrow pointing me down the hallway. I followed where it pointed and stopped in front of a bedroom and wrote an equal sign. I didn’t try to translate what this meant, but I got a vision of me doing “house readings” where I could go play with the energy of a home and understand where there might be imbalances and what it means to the people who use those rooms frequently.

That’s all for tonight. Let me know if you’d like to hear more stuff like this in the future.

PS: There’s a good chance that I’m going to start doing Q&As/Healings on Facebook Live in the near future! I’m really excited about where this is all heading, and I’m glad so many of you are interested and adding your intentions and desires to the mix!

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