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Inspired Movement #1: “I Am Lovable Just the Way I Am”

Description: Inspired Movement is about rediscovering who you were before you learned to be someone else. As we go through life we pick up all sorts of ideas about who we’re supposed to be and how we’re supposed to act. This practice will help you let go of any patterns that no longer serve you, while at the same time creating new patterns that can act as a healthy alternative to your old programmed response. By listening to your body and allowing it to move independently of your mind, you can reclaim that natural child-like sense of freedom and flow that rejuvenates you from head to toe!

In this episode I demonstrate the practice by asking my body what part of me wants to be worked on, and then allowing my body to unwind any built up resistance. The big resistance that comes up is “I am not lovable just the way I am” accompanied by old beliefs that I have to behave a certain way in order to be lovable. You’ll see me go through several breakthroughs as the effortless flow that comes from the movement leads to a steady influx of fresh insights and ideas.

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