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Song: That Which Flows Through Us

I was in a really aligned place over the weekend so I decided to let some writing flow out of me and I ended up recording song! It was recorded in a single pass with the intent to just let inspiration flow. Full lyrics written out below. Hope you like it!

Full Lyrics:

We are allowing what comes to us
As we are endowing what flows from us
With a unique signature of energy
that could only come from us
And we’re creating with an innovativeness
that could only make us more

And we go where the words take us
And flow where the music takes us
And create with each moment
a special sign that there’s special here

And we allow the moment to carry us
Knowing that is was born to come to pass
And as it passes we just flow it through
Knowing that we’re here to allow it fully

There is nothing special about holding it back
And there’s nothing more perfect than flowing fully
So as we create a space
That allows us to create space
We’ll flow with uninhibited joy, forward (woohoo)

And as that flow carries us to places, new
We’ll allow ourselves to experience rarified air
Because the journey from here to where we want to be
Doesn’t have to take longer than going from right here to there

And we are flowing with a sense of openness
that is carrying us to new thoughts about that and this!
And we’re open to the flow
as we conjure and we bellow
out the words and the music that flows through us

It is just the simple act of practicing that which we preach
when we open ourselves up to reaching for what’s within reach
And carrying it from the ethers to manifestation
As we bless every one of God’s creations
With a confidence that let’s us know
We’ve got something we’re here to show
And we don’t need to hold it back, no way! (wooooooo)

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