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To Thine Own Self, Shine Through

If you woke up tomorrow to discover your entire life was just a simulation and everything you’ve ever known never really existed, who would you be? No past. Unknowable future. Everything you’ve ever worked for only matters to the degree that it’s shaped who you are now.

But then the system reboots. Everything is back to normal. Except it’s not. Because for a second you had everything taken from you, and you saw your true self naked for the first time.

You’ll probably go about your life and be the person your world expects of you once more. But when you close your eyes before bed, you’ll see yourself back there again. In that timeless void that would feel totally empty were it not brimming with infinite light. And surrounded in that radiance, as it reflects back your inner beauty, you’ll fall in love with yourself as you truly are.

It’s morning now. Open your eyes. And feel the impulse to let your true self shine through.

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