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Ask Josh: “How Can I Focus On What I Want When My Immediate Reality Contradicts My Desire?”

The key is learning to let your emotions guide through the pre-manifestational process. Once your desire is in your reality you can work with it directly, but before then the only way you can know if you’re making progress is by how you feel. And in order to manifest something that would make you truly happy, you need to raise your vibrational set-point to that truly happy level.

For example, let’s say you wanted to buy something in a store. Once you have the money, manifesting is as easy as going there and buying it. So your first goal is not to go get what you want, but to save up the money so that when you go to the store you’ll leave with what you want. With something that you can’t buy at the store, manifesting it still follows the same process. Except instead of saving up money, you save up an emotional currency that raises your vibration until you’re within range of effortlessly rendezvousing with what you want.

When you become practiced enough at being in alignment, manifesting is as easy as deciding you want it! So the first step isn’t to try and manifest what you want, it’s to figure out how you can more consistently find alignment. Once you’re consistently in alignment you’re relationship will evolve from chasing after something you can’t seem to get, to really understanding the situation from a broader perspective. So instead of trying to make progress toward your desire and being frustrated, you’ll know exactly why everything is unfolding the way it is.

You have to raise your vibration before you can manifest what you truly desire (because your desires are calling you toward expansion!). Otherwise it’s like going to the store and constantly being rejected because you don’t have the money to buy what you want. Don’t settle for something that costs less, raise your vibration so you can afford more — because you deserve that more! And your Inner Being is already living that more! So you might as well make your work be to have fun, enjoy life, and prepare yourself for the delightful unfolding that is your divinely orchestrated future!


Thanks for reading! The “Ask Josh” series is created by answering real questions from my coaching clients. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you manifest your desires, click here!

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