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How To Absorb Knowledge

Your ability to learn is based on how worthy you believe you are for the knowledge you’re desiring. Thoughts like “I learn quickly” indicate that you believe you deserve to know what you’re wanting to learn. Thoughts like “I don’t get it” paint yourself as an outsider to those who are in the know, or capable of being in the know.

If you’re having trouble understanding something, ask yourself, “What sort of person would understand this easily?” And then see if you can look at the world through their eyes.

The key to easily absorbing knowledge is to soften your view on who you are and how easy it is for you to become someone different. Because any knowledge worth achieving is knowledge that changes you. A petrified sponge absorbs no water, no mater how big an ocean it’s cast into. So immerse yourself in what you’re desiring to learn, loosen up, and let your surroundings seep into you.

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