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Ask Josh: How Is Compassion A High Vibration?

I recently heard that compassion and gratitude are the highest vibrations we experience. However, compassion doesn’t feel high vibrational to me. How does relating or feeling sad for others translate to high vibration? How does that serve anyone? Compassion is never used towards people experiencing great things. It used when people are experiencing struggle and pain so how is it a high vibration to think and relate to a person’s struggles?

Abraham defines compassion as seeing someone as their Inner Being sees them. Which means instead of being compassionate toward their outdated manifested reality, you are compassionate toward their magnificence!

From that definition, you can have compassion toward people experiencing great things! I’ve done this a lot before. I’ll pass someone a dish at dinner and imagine how good it’s going to taste for them to eat it. Or I’ll tune in to someone and imagine myself seeing the world through their eyes, and being a part of what they’re talking about. So I’m not on the sidelines hearing the story, I’m right there with them. I AM THEM!

I like that definition of compassion. That is something I can get behind. However somehow I don’t think that is what everyone is talking about when they refer to compassion.

So basically you want to be able to get in range of seeing them in a way that feels good to you, and then you want to compassionately see them that way. Compassion meaning you want to uplift them and see them return to their best. You’re essentially being compassionate to their desires instead of their circumstances.

“You’re essentially being compassionate to their desires instead of their circumstances.”

You are a genius with words! That statement right there really resonates with me. To my core. I am so glad I reached out to you.

Hell yeah! Me too! I had never uttered those words before, but they came so easily in response to your asking!

It’s exactly what I was after and absolutely beautiful! Thank you! ❤

Wahoo! Awesome co-creating!!! ❤

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