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5 Signs That You’re Sabotaging Your Success By Trying To Be a Good Person

A good person is limited to doing things they believe are good. If someone else has a different definition of good, their identity as a good person is threatened unless they conform to others’ perception of good as well.

A free person is free to do as they choose. If you’re free, you’re not limited by anything, not even your beliefs.

You don’t have to choose between the two, but I’d rather be a free person who follows their own definition of good, than a good person who can only truly feel free under certain circumstances.

Here are five signs that you may be sabotaging your success by trying to be a good person:

  1. You only feel like you can be yourself when you’re alone or around certain people
  2. You have hidden desires that you seldom share with others
  3. You do things you don’t want to do, even though you don’t have to
  4. You’re unwilling to challenge beliefs that no longer feel good to you
  5. You would rather be uncomfortable than risk being embarrassed

How many of these apply to you? I know all five apply to me under different circumstances. You don’t have to do anything about them right now, just be honest with yourself about where you’re holding back. Tomorrow I’ll write about how to reverse this trend and give yourself the space to start being openly you.

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