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Meeting Criticism with Love Part 2: Finding Alignment with Noncomplementary Behavior

This episode of Meeting Criticism with Love is about doing the vibrational work to help you regularly and easily practice noncomplementary behavior (being able to meet hostility with warmth). I’ll be using my vibrational mastery process that I’ve showcased in several past videos.

The vibrational mastery process works by asking a series of questions on different emotional levels starting from the most negative emotions and going all the way to the best feeling emotions. (E.g. “What do I fear?” “What do I need?” “What do I hate about this?” “How might I be disappointed?” “What am I worried about?” Then by the end the questions are: “What would I be excited to wake up to every morning?” “What about this stirs my passion?” “What do I love about this?”)

It basically helps you find peace with a topic on every emotional level, so that no matter how you’re feeling about it, you never feel lost or stuck. It’s like knowing a city so well you could never get lost in it. But with your own emotional landscape.

Here’s the link to Episode 1 of Meeting Criticism with Love in case you missed it.

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