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Extreme Support Challenge: Day 12: Stop, Drop, and Slow

It’s surprising how easily I feel overwhelmed. I’ve accomplished tens of thousands of tasks in my lifetime. Yet having four things I could’ve easily gotten done tonight (and not knowing where/being afraid to start) was enough to overwhelm me.

As a result of this I’ve decided on a new default response to overwhelm: meditation. No thinking. No doing. If there is too much on my plate and none of needs to be done right this minute: I stop what I’m doing, drop into a comfy meditation place, and slow the fuck down. Stop, drop, & slow.

Expected benefits of the Stop, Drop, and Slow system:

  1. My style of meditation processes unfinished thoughts and helps grow my self-awareness, making tasks far easier to accomplish afterward.
  2. The more I meditate the better I feel when meditating, and the more it feels like a reward instead of a chore.
  3. This breaks the cycle of falling behind and then pressuring myself to catch up (leading to more overwhelm/numbing cycles that only leave me further behind.
  4. If my default response to parts hijacking my system is to go meditate, then instead of experiencing warring parts triggering unwanted behavior inside of me (and then judging myself harshly for said behavior), I’ll be able to listen to and get to the heart of what my parts are really wanting.

I’ll keep you posted as to how things unfold.

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