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Extreme Support Challenge: Day 11

-“What do you think makes you such a good supporter?”
-“I’m more of a carer than a fixer.”

The best support helps me get somewhere on my own, together. It’s the gymnastic coach that will catch me if I fall, but knows that my muscles have to do the firing. My body needs to find the balance. My mind achieves the focused calm.

The more I experience the effects of good support, the more it permissions me to let go of my own doer. If I can get so much out of space holding and care, how much could I give myself and others by choosing to make that my default way of being? To let go of the fixer and lean fully into the truster.

I used to show up in facilitation and coaching with some sense of, “I need to provide something to earn what I’m being paid.” Now my container is shifting to, “let’s both hold space and trust whatever inspiring thing comes up.” This frees my doer from having to perform, and allows my presence to connect with what truly wants to happen.

My eyes have already been trained to see the depths of who we really are. My felt sense of alignment is already finely tuned to when we’re heading in the right direction. All I needed was permission to let go of who I thought I should be to find who life is calling me to become.

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