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Focus Wheel Friday: “I Am Immersed In an Environment That Brings out the Best In Me”

A focus wheel is a powerful exercise that helps you align with your desire . It’s incredibly simple. Name your desire. Write out twelve statements that match that desire and feel true. (Only write down thoughts that feel very pure and don’t require convincing to get you to believe them, let every other thought go.) Then finish with a declarative Statement that excites you about what you’ve accomplished simply by completing this exercise.

After yesterday’s post on manifesting the perfect people to live with, I’ve decided to share the focus wheel that helped me accomplish it. I completed it about a month ago with the help of a friend who advised me to read it every morning and night for a week and then put it away and let the universe do its work.

At the time I was hoping to get into a big cooperative house, but discouraged by how slowly things were progressing, and the fact that in order to get in I would need to gain the approval of at least 20 other housemates (a single “block” disqualifies you). So we softened it by saying “I’ll get into this house or somewhere even better!” and then began reaching for the essence behind my desire.

In this post I’ll share the focus wheel I created. And then describe the unexpected ways that these thoughts begin influencing my reality, that eventually led to me finding the perfect new home.

Here’s the focus wheel I created that night:

I Am Immersed In an Environment That Brings out the Best In Me

  1. I get so much from engaging with people.
  2. I respond so well to so many things.
  3. I have a strong energetic connection.
  4. People tend to genuinely enjoy my company.
  5. There is already a positive influence waiting for me! (A friend that lives in Madison that I was excited to be able to spend more time with.)
  6. I will have easy access to a vast array of people.
  7. I’m going to find it so much easier to be myself.
  8. People there are hungry for what I have to offer.
  9. There’s this feeling that the sky’s the limit.
  10. There are a lot of people who want to help me step into who I really am.
  11. There are going to be so many things I want to say “Yes!” to.
  12. I’m really going to love who I become.

Declarative Statement: I’ve already activated enough to cause a major shift. The energy is unstoppable, I’m just along for the ride!

After reading this every morning and night for a week, and feeling lit up about the prospect of thriving in the perfect environment, I put it away as promised. About three weeks later I still hadn’t found a place and was about to start responding to random Craigslist ads, but I was out of town for work so I couldn’t even go look at places.

Normally when I’m in a work environment I’m usually a very conservative version of myself, but this time I happened to be paired with a guy who was just getting into chanting mantras to help shift his energy so he could improve his life from the inside out. So when he did his chanting, I started doing my sound healing along with him. For the first time I was able to fully activate a side of myself that normally stays dormant at work.

A few days later I ended up having a 2+ hour long conversation with another guy in my group about chakras and focus wheels, and all the ways we could positively influence our own lives. He had just started studying chakras and doing inner work and was ripe and ready for change. His questions caused me to go even deeper into subjects I’d thus far only scratched the surface of, and he started doing focus wheels that day.

That afternoon I was out for a walk and I had the staggering realization, “I am immersed in an environment that brings out the best in me!” I hadn’t found a place to live yet, or developed any strong prospects, but I was still able to manifest my desire right now!

Three days later I found that fateful Craigslist ad I described in my last post. Today, I’m writing this in my new home, shared with my new best friends, absolutely adoring the reality I’ve created!

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