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Extreme Support Challenge: Day 4

Sometimes the best support is feeling into the timing of everything. I ended yesterday in a stress spiral, hardcore procrastinating on moving forward on a project. Today I spent 6 hours at a meditation retreat and then witnessed myself doing everything I wish I had done yesterday and more in an inspired whirlwind.

When I think I have to get things done in order for good things to happen in my life, I pressure myself to do them, often to the point of procrastination or dissociation. So why do I keep doing that? When will I learn to trust the timing and look for what’s ripe and ready now instead of lamenting about my inability to do what I think I’m supposed to?

Either way, once I got into flow, magical things happened. I shared the first unedited video for my upcoming project with a small group of people, set up a support call to look at all the ways I can improve my support system, wrote some things I’d been procrastinating on for weeks, and made a several direct asks for support—all in the span of a couple hours.

Tomorrow is another meditation retreat day, so I hope to anchor myself even deeper in flow and really feel where the Universe is guiding me. The more I experience the benefits of letting go, the more I realize it’s not about giving up, but listening up. And the more I listen, the more the things that are most important to me come into focus and get clearer.

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